Wednesday 27th August 2020

Dear Friends,

We are intending to re-open the Church for public Mass on Sunday at 1030 a.m. If you are intending to come along then please look again at the document we recently published called Our Return to Church (please click here to view) If we all follow the recommendations contained therein and adhere to them then we should have confidence and the reassurance to be able to come back to public worship. There will be no singing at the moment and the sermon will be shortened. Please wear a mask (except for communion), come for communion singly, two metres apart, and use the hand sanitising stations provided. If required toilet facilities will be available in the Hall. Enter the Church by the South Door and leave by the West Door.

Mass on a Tuesday is reverting to the old time of 1000 a.m. and will take place in the Holy Name Chapel. The Wednesday evening mass will be celebrated in the St Nicholas Chapel. This will allow for rotation round the Church and limit the opportunity for any infection from surfaces.

I shall soon be in touch with sick communicants in due course but any request for communion must be initiated by those who have received communion at home in the past. I do not wish to impose myself on any one who may feel that they ‘ have' to have me visit in their house. I am aware that many people are rightly nervous and for that I cannot blame them. However appropriate strict hand cleansing and sanitising will again be adhered to. Also I intend not to enter someone's home without wearing a mask. These measures are again aimed at putting people at ease.

Our especial thanks must go to Christopher and Carole for their unswerving devotion to duty during the past five and a half months of strict lock-down and for their work with I.T. and postal communications. Thanks also to Steven and Tracy Boon and others for their camera work which has helped to embellish our productions.

Last but not least, my thanks to all of you for helping me hold this community together during this difficult period. Praying in the words of the Collect… “that there may be a happy issue out of all our afflictions”.